Catch up!

My life has been very crazy the past year. I had so many goals with my website and my beauty channel. I placed those on hold, due to getting MARRIED, working the Holidays,getting a new car, family summer weddings, spending time with my precious nephew Vaughn. Oh my, I love him so much. On my spare time, ( days off) I go spend time with my twin sister Kristan and baby Vaughn.Another thing that blew me off was that My friend died this summer. Very life changing.

Life is too short to put things off, life is too short to be spent angry, negative, doubtful, unmotivated. Life is to short to set your dreams aside and HOPE that time will come. No, you have to MAKE time and be diligent while being consistent, I have been SO BLESSED in my life. With my beautiful Husband and my job, life, my two silly cats.

I will be spending more time on my beauty blog. I just needed to give you all a very quick update. Lots of love!



The Real Thing

” I’m Happiest when we are wasting time.”

                                              -Gwen Stefani

The day has finally come. I am engaged to the LOVE OF MY LIFImageE. He is absolutely perfect for me and TO ME. I feel beyond blessed. 


Skin Care 411

Hello my Darlings. I am writing this blog because I want to share some skin care information. First of all, I must say, I have battled skin issues since I was a teenager, like most women and men it usually begins then. At age 20 my skin then became out of control. My skin went from clogged pores to a few blemishes, to CYSTIC ACNE ALL OVER chin, cheeks and temples. Some of this was due to my experience with Beauty school. We practiced on eachother (facials and what not.) At that time, we were all beginning so our skin was all purging because most of us did not have a routine down. We just did whatever whenever. My skin began to purge like NO OTHER. It never went away. It died down when I went on Proactive but that became a temporary fix.

6 years later, I was introduced to the beautiful amazing CLARISONIC. Image

This tool saved my skin. Then I use First Aid Beauty Cleanser because it is gentle, soft, smoothing for stressed, inflamed skin. I also used two types of serums and moisturizers.

FRESH, Umbrian Clay Face Lotion. ( Oil-free.) & Umbrian Clay Serum during the evening. Then during the day I use First Aid beauty Dual Repair Power Serum and Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation. It is nice and hydrating. It is exactly what I need to keep a balance. I also try to drink LOTS OF WATER. Which can be hard at times because I do not want to drink boring water. As soon as I get myself in the habit it is hard to get out because it feel so good and my skin looks hydrated and nice. Our bodies are made up of 80% water, so it is so important for us to have that.  So I felt like sharing my routine. Please feel free to ask if you have any other questions or recommendations. Thanks so much!

XoXo Sara

To get Naked or to not get Naked, that is the question?

One of my friends asked me in class last night, “Sara, what is a great eyeshadow to use so I do not need to deal with smudged, runny, creased, eyeshadow.” Truth be told, all eyeshadows do this, even if you use an eye primer. Unless your body does not produce much oil at all, (which I guess could happen, but is rare?) then your in the safe zone. The best eyeshadow products I have are from Sephora. Urban Decay Pallet [Naked2] is by far the best one in the store if you ask me. The [Naked1] is great,but it is created for more “warmer skin tones.” I have a cooler complexion so I enjoy the Naked2.

 <—- Naked2        Naked—- >   

          Both of these bad boys are 50$. They are worth every dime! Age isn’t a factor in this product either, you do not need to be in your 20’s to enjoy these wonderful eyeshadow pallets.Go check out and see the reviews and you will see all women of all ages glorifying the product.

You see, I’m the friend who gets asked a lot ” Will you please do my makeup Sara?” I always blush a bit because it makes me feel good that my friends trust me to enhance their beauty.

This is a short blog but I figured I would give you a little beauty review.Hope it was helpful and enjoy!

-Sara Stop

BeautyBlogg First Entry.

ImageKisses to my readers!

This is my very first beauty blog.

In this blog you will read a ton of information about the newest products the beauty industry has to offer. Some products are higher-end, others are from local drug-stores. I am a product junkie, always have been and forever will be! I am also a Fashion Marketing student. Fashion is subject of mine I adore, but beauty comes first! I am learning a lot of information in my college program but like I said, I am still learning and will eventually master the field of fashion. The beauty industry is a natural topic to talk about. I went to school for makeup artistry and skin therapy. I graduated in 2006. I also went to school for hair, but became the traditional ” beauty school drop out.” Hair is awesome, but I do not like cutting/coloring/and perming hair. I leave that to the professionals.

Hair products are something I have knowledge about and am eager to share without a cost!


I hope you enjoy my blog and are ready to hear a ton of amazing opinions from me. You may not agree, and that is A OK! 😀


On that note, I must get ready for bed after a long day of work and school.


Treat yourself with love and respect and the rest will come……..


-Sara Stop

Hello world!

Fashion modelsFashion modelsFashion models

So I have always been a nurturing young women. I seem to always naturally reach out to people and I sure do love helping them.  Beauty is always skin deep and I remind myself that from time to time because it is easy to forget with all the images our world pushes on us.  I want to talk about specific topics in my BEAUTY BLOGG. Such as acne, weight, self image, and other things us women (and men) deal with from time to time. I would like to be able to share my knowledge to suggest idea’s and new ways to help others over come these things with the blogs I post. Beauty is skin deep, like I mentioned before and sometimes its important to face the inward demons instead of slapping on new makeup, using a new curling iron and so on! So I am here to love and be sweet not be ” superficial ” and tell you, you need all these PRODUCTS to  make you feel good. Please enjoy yourself and email me at if you have any questions or ideas I could blog about!! 

– Treat yourself the way you would treat someone you love!

Sara Stop