To get Naked or to not get Naked, that is the question?

One of my friends asked me in class last night, “Sara, what is a great eyeshadow to use so I do not need to deal with smudged, runny, creased, eyeshadow.” Truth be told, all eyeshadows do this, even if you use an eye primer. Unless your body does not produce much oil at all, (which I guess could happen, but is rare?) then your in the safe zone. The best eyeshadow products I have are from Sephora. Urban Decay Pallet [Naked2] is by far the best one in the store if you ask me. The [Naked1] is great,but it is created for more “warmer skin tones.” I have a cooler complexion so I enjoy the Naked2.

 <—- Naked2        Naked—- >   

          Both of these bad boys are 50$. They are worth every dime! Age isn’t a factor in this product either, you do not need to be in your 20’s to enjoy these wonderful eyeshadow pallets.Go check out and see the reviews and you will see all women of all ages glorifying the product.

You see, I’m the friend who gets asked a lot ” Will you please do my makeup Sara?” I always blush a bit because it makes me feel good that my friends trust me to enhance their beauty.

This is a short blog but I figured I would give you a little beauty review.Hope it was helpful and enjoy!

-Sara Stop


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