Catch up!

My life has been very crazy the past year. I had so many goals with my website and my beauty channel. I placed those on hold, due to getting MARRIED, working the Holidays,getting a new car, family summer weddings, spending time with my precious nephew Vaughn. Oh my, I love him so much. On my spare time, ( days off) I go spend time with my twin sister Kristan and baby Vaughn.Another thing that blew me off was that My friend died this summer. Very life changing.

Life is too short to put things off, life is too short to be spent angry, negative, doubtful, unmotivated. Life is to short to set your dreams aside and HOPE that time will come. No, you have to MAKE time and be diligent while being consistent, I have been SO BLESSED in my life. With my beautiful Husband and my job, life, my two silly cats.

I will be spending more time on my beauty blog. I just needed to give you all a very quick update. Lots of love!



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