BeautyBlogg First Entry.

ImageKisses to my readers!

This is my very first beauty blog.

In this blog you will read a ton of information about the newest products the beauty industry has to offer. Some products are higher-end, others are from local drug-stores. I am a product junkie, always have been and forever will be! I am also a Fashion Marketing student. Fashion is subject of mine I adore, but beauty comes first! I am learning a lot of information in my college program but like I said, I am still learning and will eventually master the field of fashion. The beauty industry is a natural topic to talk about. I went to school for makeup artistry and skin therapy. I graduated in 2006. I also went to school for hair, but became the traditional ” beauty school drop out.” Hair is awesome, but I do not like cutting/coloring/and perming hair. I leave that to the professionals.

Hair products are something I have knowledge about and am eager to share without a cost!


I hope you enjoy my blog and are ready to hear a ton of amazing opinions from me. You may not agree, and that is A OK! 😀


On that note, I must get ready for bed after a long day of work and school.


Treat yourself with love and respect and the rest will come……..


-Sara Stop


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